Welcome to my weird world! I must warn you this is not a site for young people, nor is it for the morally squeamish. Donít bother calling the morality police, Iíll just laugh and feed mail I donít like to the goat.

Yes, goat. One of my fans has named a goat in my honor. ďCourageous LeeĒ (Heís a boy, so we changed the name slightly) will be happy to eat all the letters of the morality police as well as any pornographic material and spam.

I write the politically incorrect without shame, make no mistake. I do my best to weave the complex worlds that make you re-think all you ever knew, but I do try to make it palatable in the process! If you donít mind reading about heroes and heroines who have genitalia and know how to use it, please enter and share my world.

As you travel, remember: Blue Boxes Lead Back Home






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Changeling Press Author Ring by Lena Austin